Services & Rates


$75 per 60 Minutes

Crystal Spirit Massage combines soothing Swedish massage with myofascial and deep tissue techniques to help ease tension from stress-holding areas like shoulders, neck and lower back. Hot stones, aromatherapy and crystals may also be incorporated into your massage to help promote relaxation.

30 Minute ($40) and 90 Minute Sessions ($90) also available.




$65 per 60 Minutes

Reiki is a gentle, hands-on modality used to reduce stress, pain and tension. Reiki provides energetic and emotional healing by restoring harmony and balance to the body's energy field. This balancing of energy produces a soothing calmness and an increased sense of well-being.

A Reiki session at Crystal Spirit begins with a relaxing scalp massage, proceeds with the energy work and ends with a grounding foot massage. Aromatherapy and crystals may also be used to further enhance stress relief.

30 Minute Session ($40) also available.



$65 per 60 Minutes

Various forms of reflexology have been used for thousands of years help maintain health and well-being. The therapist applies pressure to the reflex points on the feet to relieve stress and tension. The gentle pressure to the reflex points combined with foot massage – your choice of moisturizing foot cream - is a real treat for your feet!

Your Reflexology session at Crystal Spirit Massage may also include aromatherapy and crystals to help you feel stress-free and balanced.

30 Minute Session ($40) also available.

Sky & Earth Massage

$55 per 45 Minutes

This massage of the head, neck and feet will leave you feeling tranquil, balanced and grounded. Crystals, aromatherapy and/or hot stones may also be included in your session.